The Fiadh O'Connor Trust

The Fiadh O'Connor Trust was established in October 2020 to provide funding for Fiadh's medical needs. All proceeds from the Future For Fiadh campaign will be transferred to the Fiadh O’Connor Trust in order to finance Fiadh's treatment abroad. Any monies remaining in the Trust, once Fiadh’s treatment is complete, will be held in Trust for any future treatment that may be required.


If Fiadh does not require further medical treatment, remaining monies will be donated to childhood cancer charities as deemed suitable by the trustees or any organisation established for charitable purposes, which deals with the medical treatment of children with a cancer diagnosis. 

The Trustees of the Fiadh O’Connor Trust are;


  • Marian O’Leary: District Court Judge

  • Ciara Murphy: General Practitioner and Godmother to Fiadh O'Connor. Ciara represents Fiadh's parents Rory and Laura O’Connor on the Trust. 

  • Brian O'Gorman: CEO of Cluid Housing, a non-for-profit social housing organisation.